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Kinderyards - Outdoor Learning Environments That Inspire

Leann Tourzan


The transformation of school grounds is gaining momentum internationally as children are faced with new challenges that educators are just beginning to understand. Brain Research points to the importance of outdoor play in Early Childhood Development. Schoolyards have become sterile environments lacking natural resources and quality sensory stimulation. This study clearly demonstrates that appropriate outdoor environments can contribute to a healthy early childhood experience. School playground designs can benefit children on a day to day level, as well as, provide a foundation for their long-term cognitive and emotional development. This study examines childhood through a new lens. The study explores the history of the kindergarten from the traditional Froebel kindergarten up to the present day. The study touches on the philosophies of the Eco-school movement, and how it relates to the idea of a Kinderyard. Kinderyards can support teachers putting research into practice.